FastDL/ForceDL Setup? (Help?)(NFOservers)

Welp, My friend recently setup a server (of which I help him with/Admin it). We recently switched to NFOservers because apparently the FastDL worked. So far it did (For the map at least)
and some other stuff but we just added custom models to the server and now they wont download =/. People that join can’t see the custom models on the jobs and they are errors.

To clear this up (I don’t really know lua but I’ll tell the owner) - Can someone just give an example of a “correct” setup for a FastDL? Maybe we can see what we are doing wrong, but for now people have to go to the website to get the content =/…

Any help?


He said that’s EXACTLY how he’s setting it up yet it still wont work.

it seems to only be a few models (player-models). I can see them fine because I got them off workshop but others cant because it wont download on join (or its doing it wrong) - Weird thing is TDMcars downloaded fine yet the models just wont.

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Edit: Ok now some people are getting the model and only getting a helmet texture error on the daft punk playermodels and others are just getting the big red whole ERROR.

The NFO websync works for maps always, no resource.AddFile needed.

To add skins, weapons, models, etc, you have to add them to the force download lua file, AND ALSO DO A WEBSYNC.

i’ve been using NFo for a while and that is what i do, and it works.

It is websynced =/

He says he is sure he did it right its just not working.


any solutions at all?

Can I see your Lua File for FastDL?

I’ll get it when the server’s owner/lua coder gets on if he says yes to letting me post it (I don’t have access to the setup nor the file)

If it helps, He says he KNOWS he set it up correctly (he’s done it before on his old server(s)) So whatever way is correct is probably how it’s setup, He says its just being stupid and not wanting to work for him =/

you dont have to also websync, all you need to do is put in the collection id in the control panel

What? You DO have to run a websync. By putting a collection ID in the Control Panel all you’re doing is adding the workshop file to the server not downloading it.

Edit: I just now saw the date…