FastDL: Garrysmod attempting to download both bz2 and uncompressed file

I’m noticing an issue right now where garrysmod seems be attempting to download both bzip2 and uncompressed files from my fast download server. In fact, it almost seems like it’s rejecting the bzip2 files completely. Looking at my apache access log, I’ll see the request come in for a certain bzip2 file, and the server returns 200 along with the size of the file, at which point I’m assuming the download commences. Then garrysmod requests the same file without the bzip2 extension, and the server of course returns a 404 since I only intend to put bzip2 files on my fast download server.

Looking in my clientside console, I see that the bzipped content is being entirely ignored - missing vgui material error messages, along with missing materials and models all over the game. I’ve been using update 158 for awhile, and I just received update 159 a few moments ago. Same issue.

Can anyone suggest a fix for this?

This has also been troubling me since 158.
Running SRCDS on Linux.

Report in the development sub forum.

Thanks, reposted.

For what it’s worth:
I have bzipped the map i am using to my fastdl server and i get the missing map error.
When i remove the bzipped one and replace it with a non zipped one it works perfectly.