FastDL Gmod Dedicated Server Problem

I’m sorry if this isn’t the correct category, but i may haven’t found the correct one, if there is a help forum.

I have configured a Gmod dedicated server on a Windows Server.
It runs smoothly but when i tried to setup the FastDL, it didn’t work at all.

To be more precisly, I used this “Guide/Tutorial” (

It didnt work at all. I used apache on windows to make the folders accessabile and then i configured my Server.cfg as said in the Guide:
“sv_downloadurl” “
“sv_allowupload” “0”
“sv_allowdownload” “0”

But is it really correct that “upload” and “download” is set to “0”?

Eitherway it doesn’t even work when i change them both to “1”!
No FastDL what so ever… is there a problem that FastDL and Server are on the same Server?

I would be very glad for any help.
Thanks in advance

PS: Some more info. My FastDL structure looks like this http://88.XXX.43.119:8080/garrysmod/models[materials,sounds, etc]

edit: I feel stupid, i didn’t even see the subforums. :X Would be nice if someone answers here anyway…

The structure should only be like:

sv_downloadurl “

It should work.

Edit: Your toturial link did not work.

Sorry here is the corrected link

The problem with that is, that the site doesn’t have a dns. I mean the webserver is just running on a Server with an IP.
Do i need to set up an dyndns extra for the FASTDL?

edit: I tried it with a dyndns and its still not working… I don’t know whats the problem, it just doesn’t want to start downloading my bzip2’s :frowning: Please help, anybody :frowning: is a good alternative for FastDL if you are hosting from home.

I am not familiar with dropbox, but you should search the forum or google for some help.
I’m sure that someone on this forum has been having the same problem that you are experiencing right now.

Thanks. But i don’t host from home… I am using a root Server.