FastDL HELP! Looking for anyone with server experience.

I need some help, I have been trying to figure this out for weeks now!
Can someone either set up, or explain (not how, but what) what to put in my FastDL host **if I want to have my players download TDM Cars?
**Have a FastDL host and I can add files to the public_html folder. Also, what should I put in my server.cfg file?

What I need to know:

**-The structure of the directories
-What files to put in each directory
-What info to place in the server.cfg

**I apoligise if I seem a bit demanding, but I am getting really frustrated with this whole ordeal.
Thank you very much if you have anything to contribute!

for your server.cfg you want to add

sv_downloadurl "http://URL/"

As to the file structure you should have the following directories

cache (actually not needed anymore with gmod13)

The files you put into each directory match what is on your server. You need to bzip the files on the server and put the bziped files on your fastDL server

Thank you! Could you elaborate on where to put the addons such as TDM Cars? That would be very helpful.


Get the models, materials, and sounds from the addon and put merge it with the models, materials, and sounds in fastdl

where are you getting TDMCars from? The workshop or the SVN?


where is the confusion if you are using the SVN. The SVN is laid out exactly how it should be on your server. All the files in the materials, models, and sound directory need to be bzipped and put on your fastDL server.

So where and how do I ‘bzip’ these files? Just everything below -materials, models, sould, cache etc…?

you dont need cache in gmod13. just models,materials,sounds,resources

7zip can bzip files.

So everything underneath of:


Should be ‘Bzipped’?
Should I individually ‘bzip’ each folder below Mats, Mods, and sounds? Or just create a master ‘bzip’?

every FILE seperatly needs to be bzipped and if there are folders in those folders then you just recreate the structure on the fastDL server.