FastDL help needed

For some reason this map wont go into my fastDL i put this file:


Does that look wrong to anybody?

You need a webhost btw…

Replace \ with either \ or / - \ is reserved to escape characters ( \r is carriage return, for example ).
Remove the garrysmod at the start - the game starts searching in that folder.

So, it should be

resource.AddFile( "maps/rp_downtown_fiend_night_v2.bsp" )

This relies on you having correctly set the fastdl up, of course.

Don’t use , that is an escape character…

Here’s how to set up FastDL on your server:

Ensure you use correct paths, otherwise it may download but not be in the right dir. To go along with my autoloader base-dev I’ve released on bitbucket, I’ll be added the fileio system shortly ( which makes things much easier in terms of listing contents of addons, directories, and more ) and with that a new recursive resource.AddSingleFile system.

I have a server host who has it set up, they’re a professional server hosting company so i know it’s setup right …

Well they obviously haven’t, because it’s incorrect. If that’s the case, I’d recommend getting a new host

Oh and if you’re so sure they set it up properly, why post for help?

I’m asking if the resource line is correct not if i setup the fastdl correctly…