FastDL Help

Alright, so I finished setting up my server and everything, and even put FastDL onto it, but there’s still a problem. People are kicked if they do not have the correct TTT map, even though I have the BZIP2 maps on the FastDL database and the .bsp files on the server itself. What am I doing wrong?

Also, on certain maps (de_dolls, ttt_minecraft_b5, and others), instead of switching to said map, the loading screen just stays at ‘Server Changing Maps’ and it won’t load. I have to restart the server to fix it, and it only occurs on certain maps.

Any help at all is appreciated.

add this to your server.cfg

net_maxfilesize “100”

See if your problem is fixed

In quotes or no? Also, can it be more than 100?

I think you can set it as high as you want.
The limit used to be 64 but that might of changed, give it a test.

Alright, thanks a lot guys. I’ll report back with any problems.

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No luck, I tried it with 1000 and 100. People still couldn’t download the maps… any other ideas?

Then the limit still might be 64. Change it to that.

There is no limit to FastDL. lol

What are you setting your downloadurl to?