FastDL Help

I need help setting up fastDL for workshop items

FastDL is a file distribution mirror over the http protocol. (Usually alot faster than WorkshopDL & ServerDL)
WorkshopDL distributes its files through the steam servers. (Faster than ServerDL)
ServerDL distribute the files directly from the server. (Really slow.)

Which one do you want?
The FastDL requires a web-server and a brain (A SHITLOAD of people have serious issues getting FastDL to work, and I’m not exaggerating).
WorkshopDL doesn’t require anything except a line of lua code in /lua/autorun/server.

By the way, instead of adding another FastDL issue thread on top of the thousands that already exists in this very section, do a search. I’m sure you will find exactly what you need help with. I’ve written so many quick tutorials on how to get a fastdl working that it’s not even fun anymore.

Well what ever seems better, I want

Select the one you find better, and search the forum for help with it.

A lot of people hate WorkshopDL because of its inefficiency and waste of space when they download, but it is easier to setup than FastDL.

Okay so can i have a tut on how to do fastdl please?

Next time google

Ignore the part of the tutorial where it talks about the cache. Otherwise, it’s perfect.