I have no Clue how to add FASTDL my server came with it but I dont know how to use it. I do not need a guide as I have seen them all and cant wrap my head around it If anyone here could do it for me I can buy you a cheap game or something I will give control panel Access thanks :slight_smile:

Make sure you set your sv_downloadurl to the correct address where your fastdl is. So for example in my server.cfg you have this written in there:

sv_downloadurl “

How do I get the URL for the download?

You need a FastDL server, it’s not just as easy as “I want to enable it”.

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Oh wait, I see you said “it came with your server”. In that case, the link should be provided on your control panel.

Once I do this does it Auto download all my addons or do I have to syncronize using the Programs I was provided?

Every time you add some new addon, I recommend doing a FastDL sync. It may have resources in it (such as images, music files, etc) that need to be synced.

Your server will never do it automatically for you.

I do all this but when People join they still get errors I sync with both programs but still Doesnt work

You need to have a file in lua/autorun/server with each workshop addon in there. Then do a websync and make sure everything is on your web server too. If this sounds like it’s too much work then just add a job on coderhire for $5 and someone will probably do it for you.

Steam account is not 6 months old yet sadly so I cant sign up for Coderhire anyways I dont have any money In my Paypal ATM But i have 7€ in my steam account to buy games if you would like to do it for me also Where do I find Lua/autorun/server ?

Add me on Steam, I’ll assist you for free.

Ive sent you the friend request :slight_smile: