FastDL HTML Protocol support?

I’m not sure if FastDL can support HTML Protocol for my server soon to be up and to be the first known server to be runned on an Mac, as this is my only way for a FastDL server.
Server FastDL URL:
Server E-Mail:

Just a friendly warning: 000webhost will personally murder you for hosting a fastdl off their servers.

Uhh… Who told you this…

“9. Account cannot be used to store files only (allowed if you upgrade account)”

If you host a small website you might just and just get away with it.

Now I have to find a tut how to make a site, unless you want to tell me how.

Use dropbox for your FastDL. It works well, and they haven’t said anything to me in months of use.

Why the fuck would you host a GMod server off a Mac?

Wine App…simple.

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Dropbox doesn’t have a HTML protocol file browsing from what I’m aware off, plus I can browse my files via FTP with out the files being replaced as this is time saving and easy.

Source doesn’t go looking for files when using FastDL, it simply requests it and falls back to normal server download if it gets a 404 Not Found response.

i.e. You don’t need a directory listing or anything, the files just need to be in the right place.

And no idea what you mean with the FTP part, and Dropbox integrates into Windows Explorer like any other folder on your system.

Why, not how.

Look, it’s not easy like putting a material file into the Garrysmod folder, I have to go into the files and place them right.

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Try playing on one of my PC’s, then you would see why

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I need to find out how to make it where it opens the site, not the HTML based browser.


I think I need to name the main page “index” but I need to wait as I’m doing this on iPod right now.


Changing the name to “index” works

So web hosting space?


Lawl, I’m using 000webhost only having files. They did anything yet? Nah.