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so recently ran into an issue involving fastDL, apparently my server has about 10000+ texture/material/map files needed for download, I’ve already worked on pruning out all unimportant content and such aswell as editing out certain things such as unnecessary sounds/and overlays from addons and so far I’m still hitting over the maximum file download for the game. I did however have 1 idea tho, the fastdl file is essentially a lua file that is ran first thing when the client joins the server, this fastdl.lua file could possibly have a small bit of code at the very beginning which would set the max download files amount to the required setting for the server to have the content downloaded. thing is I don’t know the exact command or variable for the max downloadable files limit. but this setting would make it much easier for many server owners who happen to have alot of content for their server, not just me but many others aswell.

If I understand you correctly, the jist of your idea is to have a limit that can be changed at will, so as never to reach the limit. If so, I don’t think you understand the concept of a limit. Limits aren’t there just to be annoying, it’s because the engine isn’t designed to go past that limit. Why bother making something work in every way without limits when you only need it for X amount?

The true solution to the problem you are facing is to reduce the amount of content required to join your server. It’s costly to run a server that forces a lot of content onto it’s clients, and it also has the downside of detering people from joining your server. Why bother joining a server that requires you to download over 10000 files when you could join one that only requires you to download say 100.

If you aren’t interested in the above, another solution is to pack your content into packs that can then be hosted on, and downloaded from, the steam workshop. This moves your problem from your fastdl onto the steam network.

If you want to go the extra mile, for things like textures used in overlays, as you mentioned, you could download them on the fly, and even add in some cool code that will only download a texture that would match the resolution at which it is presented.

TLDR: The problem you are facing isn’t to do with FastDL, it is to do with how much content you have on your server.

the limit would be set to match the servers amount of content not go over it. and I’ve already cut down on content alot already, issue is I’m still over that limit. there really isn’t a reason to have a limit of how many files can be downloaded in the first place, it should be file size but unfortunately that isn’t how the devs mad it so I’m looking for how to override it by changing the settings for the limit.

also I can’t just pack a ton of textures, materials models and maps and then upload it to workshop. I’m not the creator of the content.

also I said I removed useless textures and overlay stuff why would I add new ones

the whole issue is that file count is limited, the server actually doesn’t have all that much compared to many other servers, file size is only about 7gb worth, many other servers have been having 20gb or even more in turns of total file size. but file size isn’t the issue I’m facing here, file count is

You misunderstand. The limit is the limit. It isn’t an artificial one put in place because why not, it’s an actual “this is the maximum” kind of limit. Sure, the game could be reprogrammed to accept more, but that would be a trememdous undertaking for one person who feels that their server should have 10,000 files to download.

why not if it would make my server properly send all the content needed for the clients to join? an improvement should always be made where it can be made. if the limit serves no purpose other then “why not” then it should be removed or changed as the server needs it on a server by server bases

I answered both your questions in the post above yours.

not really, I asked how would I go about changing the limit of downloadable files for the client using the client fastdl.lua file that the client runs. you said removing content that would need to be downloaded. thats not at all what I asked or even helpful to this

You’re not a very good listener. You don’t change the limit, it’s there for a reason. Making it smaller would be stupid; making it bigger would be even more stupid.

what reason would it possibly server to limit the file count instead of the file size? there is no reason for this limit so changing it is in the best interest of my server. I did not ask for if is should be done I asked for how it would be done. please keep things that would not help to achieve said task out of this

Here’s where I answered your questions:

The rough gist: An improvement need not always be made if it’s pointless and/or too difficult.

The rough gist: Your assumption that it serves “no other purpose than ‘why not’” is invalid and incorrect.

To answer the above quoted post: You can’t change the limit. This is why I suggested ways to get around it. If you think that’s unhelpful, that’s fine, but it’s a tad arrogant to say that my solution is wrong when you don’t seems to understand the problem itself.

Because this simply isn’t how computers work. Not all files are loaded at the same time. Files are only loaded when needed. The filenames are probably loaded and cached into a buffer so it’s quicker to open them, however a buffer will never have an infinite length. It will have a predetermined finite length that will be coherent with other buffer sizes. To change the size of one would be to change the size of many, which is what was meant by “tremendous undertaking”.

This is the first time I’ve had to prove to someone on here that my reply responded to a previous post. I thought it would be helpful to post solutions to your problem, but it seems you are unwilling to even read my posts.

I’d rather either change the limit or remove it. going around it seems to lazy to me. also I can’t say I agree with you on that improvement thing. better is always better. I’d rather have any improvement regardless of what is needed. as for the limit I am still seeing no reason as to why it is there.

as for your solution it doesn’t really help as I’ve already cut down on content and such and it is still hitting the limit by a good amount. thats why I need a way to remove the limit from any client joining my server

I’ve never encountered a server with a problem with a FastDL limit. So if you server has this problem, then it’s one I am not willing to join due to the amount of addons… My downloads folder is already big enough at 500GB big!

alternativly what about a second script for downloading server content files after the first one is ran and then the first script starts the second one to begin running?

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firewolf leave your not contributing anything useful and your being a bit of a prick. I do not need a 12 yr old sending me a link to a definition of a word.

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Maybe in school better is always better, but in the real world better is costly and time-consuming. If you still think it’s worth it, then go pay the Facepunch team to do it.

Also, in response to “as for the limit I am still seeing no reason as to why it is there”, feel free to read my post above where I explain why it’s there.

You seem awfully insistent on being heard while being equally insistent not to read what others have posted.

I have plenty of time on my hands so its no concern to me. as for facepunch’s team I’m not going to deal with them. your post doesn’t really say anything as for why it just says that it is the limit. not that it really matters since I do not care for its reason for existing, I only care about removing it since there is no logical reason for it to exist

I’m not going to quote it, I’ll leave it as an exorcise to find out where it is, but I explained the reason for its existence very clearly.

Nice to see you backtracking from it being easy to do to “I won’t contact the people who could do it”. Making progress.

I’m not dealing with facepunch team because I’ve seen similar issues on the git hub and I know that they do not care for helping server owners. they said that having a server download more then 1000 files was an issue and the server was doing something wrong. if I go to them and say “hay, I need help for making my clients have the ability to go and get the 10k files needed for me server” I already know their response. I’m not dealing with that crap so I will have it done myself.

and again you said that it was there because it is the limit. you didn’t say why it was the limit

The limit is telling you that you should stop or else you will encounter several other problems.

Think about this as a box. You can only put as much in said box but you only have one box. Now you have too much in the box and you can’t close it. So, you need to do the right thing and take some things out.

also if your curiose as to why my fastdl is so large you can blame the creators of cs:s and hl2:ep/1 for making so many textures and materials

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what issues would possibly happen then by having clients download more files then that limit?

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never mind I think I’ve found my solution from here
a few vpk files on fastdl with the client file downloading them instead of a ton of other content all unpacked

If we refer back to the box, then if you try to close a box that is too full, then it will tear and break (the box is a cardboard box btw).

Just in case you wanted to know, I thought GMOD SWRP servers were absolutely horrifying with 1k-2k intake and choke. If users have to deal with a server that has more choke AND a massive intake of files, then you are going to face several problems. Server AND client problems.