FastDL issue - Maps don't download

I have a problem with the fast download feature. All files download properly to the clients except for the maps. Whenever someone who doesn’t have the map connects, it just says “Missing map blahblah… Disconnecting”.

I have this in server.cfg:

"sv_downloadurl" "http://...IP.../test/garrysmod/"
"sv_allowupload" "0"
"sv_allowdownload" "0"
"net_maxfilesize" "64"

The size of the map is 28mb and I placed it under test/garrysmod/maps on the webserver. I can download it from my web browser, it just won’t download in-game when I join the server.

Any suggestions?

First of all sv_allowupload and sv_allowdownload setting to 0 will not prevent people from exploiting it.

It said somewhere that I need to set them to 0 for people to be able to download maps.

Try setting it to 1, I never heard of what you’re saying before.

I think I might have fixed this already. I just moved the map out of the addon folder on my game server into garrysmod/maps. I didn’t think this would affect anything, but it turns out it does.

You didn’t know that before?

I knew I had to move them out of the addons folder on my web server, but it didn’t say anywhere I had to do the same thing on the game server as well.

Please don’t tell me you uploaded your entire server up onto the fastdl. you should only ever need;


(Please note, these are custom ones, not the stock GMod stuff, that doesn’t need uploading :P)

If you upload addons and lua, you are going to have SERIOUS issues with people either stealing or exploiting your stuff!

I think we’re having a misunderstanding there. I only uploaded a few maps to the WEB server (the server for FastDL) and I had the same maps on my GAME server (the server where SRCDS is), but the maps on the GAME server were under garrysmod/addons/maps and on the WEB server they were under garrysmod/maps. And it turned out I had to move them out of the addons folder into the gmod root folder on my GAME server for FastDL to work and allow clients to download the required map when they join.

JackYack13, There’s a big diffrence between Server-side and client-side. Some addons like CSS Realistic Weapons is made in Addons format for Servers too. So you can have CSS RW in the addons folder, but never maps. I’ve never heard of that. I suggest you read through the GMod wiki.

And one last thing, you can either choose to have a FastDL or server dl. You can’t have both.

I’m not even trying to have both. But I have to have the files on both the web server and the game server in order for FastDL to work.

Anyway, the problem is solved :slight_smile: