FastDL Issues

Before I begin, I have looked through a ton of the posts people have made about this subject, and never found a solution. So I was hoping you all could assist me.
I am currently hosting a server through NFOServers, and I have been in contact with them about this issue for a couple days and they have ran out of ideas. I cannot seem to get my fastdl to work.
this is my FastDL.Lua located in my lua/autorun/server directory (pastebin link)

I used a resource generator and pretty much copied and pasted the information into the file. I then grabbed all the folders (materials/lua/models/sounds/etc) and dropped them on my gmod root directory so they mesh with their respective folders (ie. materials went to materials, models went to modesl). I have also tried putting quotations around my sv_downloadurl putting a “/” at the end, changing the sv_allowdownload/upload to both 0 and 1… The server it self WILL force me to download some items, but the models are still errors (and one is just missing textures (its pink and black squares)).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The way I do mine with TDM cars is that I have a lua file called resource.lua in my lua/autorun/server/[luafile] and in it I have resource.AddWorkshop("[workshopID]")

Not sure why you’re doing resource.addsinglefile.lua

You can just do addfile.

You need to ensure all the models/materials and such are added to a webspace and use
sv_downloadurl “http://yourwebspace/fastdl” in your server.cfg.

would it help if I linked my sv_downloadurl?? Because honestly I am at complete loss haha. And I did resource.AddFile first and they told me to try the other one… But I will switch to test!

If you want to see the downloadurl please let me know!

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Meh, I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I just posted it, here is the my fastdl server url

and this is from my server.cfg (exact copy and paste)

sv_downloadurl “

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Ok update, I went to resource.addfile, and it downloaded some items, some of the weapons are errors, some work, and some are pink and black textures (i think the ones that work are ones I have already through another weapon pack on my computer)… Looking at my fastdl.lua file and my sv_downloadurl is there anything you can that is causing it?>