FastDL Map Downloading Issue

Hey all,

I apologize in advance as I know that FastDL threads are probably really annoying. I’ve been trying to figure out why mine isn’t working all day. In my server.cfg I have included the following

sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1
net_maxfilesize 999

You can go to and find that all my files and addons are there and in the proper format. I have a resource.lua located in lua/autorun/server with the following

My problem now is that I have added a new map to both my FastDL host via FTP as well as my game server (Mincraft SkyIsland) but it’s not downloading when users join my server. In my FastDL site it’s located in public/garrysmod/maps as both a bz2 and a bsp and in my game server it’s located under garrysmod/maps as a bsp. When I try to join my server without the map file in my own personal game folder, I get disconnected with a missing map error. It looks like it starts to download but then the message pops up and I am disconnected. If other users have downloaded the map from other servers they are still able to join mine, but if I try to join my own and I don’t already have the map it won’t download and I am disconnected. Any advice?

Thanks so much!

Hey there, since i don’t know how to “fix” this i can’t help you. But i wish you good luck ibejustin.

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Then don’t reply…

@OP, put http:// in front in sv_downloadurl, and sv_allowdownload to 0 so it looks like this:

sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowupload 0 //For security measure, disable this aswell!

I don’t care, just whishing luck.

Just a few other things,
Mr Svenska over there’s got a reliable solution, but just a few things to take note of;
I would recommend that you do not put both bzips and regular files in the fastdl server, pick one or the other.
Also, you don’t need to put maps in your resources file, gmod automatically checks for maps on connection

That shitty Fast Download Sync button on NFO’s TCAdmin Panel is what’s causing the FastDL to have both packed and unpacked content. It’s based off of SourceRSC and that is not compatible with Garry’s Mod in my opinion.

I don’t see the point of a FastDL sync button in the first place. I can understand a host including a .bz2 packer, but the sync button that is included with most hosts is widely inefficient and just wastes space because of packed and unpacked content.

My fastdl sync on Hypanova (Also using tcadmin) doesn’t give a bz2 into the fastdl server.
I find this odd considering what you’ve said

But yeah, as terrible as it is, it does save a lot of time/bandwidth for the people who don’t have those luxuries (Me)

I have a project in mind which I’m gonna start working on when I’m finished with gmrelay. But that will probably end up being completed in a year from now… Anyways, it should reduce the amount of FastDL issues most of the users here are having.

If they’re using an old version; before SourceRSC properly supported GMOD, then it would be problematic. The latest version of SourceRSC should work fine with Garry’s Mod, but if there are issues with it I’d like to know about them and fix them.

Why can’t a host just allow server owners to do the FastDL themselves instead of being forced to use an “automatic program?”