FastDL - Need help....

Hi Community,
i have a problem with my FastDL. Player join on the Server and get the Missing Map Error.
On my Deathrun Server I think there is a similar Problem too, that some player have errors…


"sbox_plpldamage"		"0"      
"sbox_noclip"			"0"      
sv_loadingurl ""
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1

"sv_noclipaccelerate"		"6"      
"sv_alltalk"			"1"      
"net_maxfilesize"		"60"

"sv_minrate"         "0"            
"sv_maxrate"         "20000"       
"decalfrequency"     "10" 
"sv_maxupdaterate"   "66"    

My FastDL:

So thats my FastDL, but whats wrong :wink:

Why block out your URLs? They aren’t private and can be easily accessed.

Don’t put the maps under death/maps, just add them under maps/

Upload the bzipped maps to your webserver and not your gameserver. On your gameserver have the non bzipped.

The death thing doesn’t matter as long as his sv_downloadurl is set correctly, which it is.

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You need both bzipped (.bsp.bz2) and unzipped (.bsp) on your fastdl.

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Only keep unzipped (.bsp) not zipped (.bz2) on your game server.

You don’t really need the unzipped versions of the files on FastDL.

You sure about that? It doesn’t download for me if I don’t.

Technically it looks for the .bz2 version of a file and then looks for the normal uncompressed version if the .bz2 is not there. This might be otherwise for maps, it might only look for uncompressed map files or something.

Just to chip in it downloads the bz2 version of maps as well.

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The mirror does not need to have the uncompressed files on it. It only needs the .bz2 files.

If you’re putting uncompressed files on the mirror then you are wasting both space and bandwidth.

Found this just now, it’s a pretty good guide.

Here’s my guide which includes troubleshooting:

And, for your resources to download, just drop the resources into your gamemodes/gm_name/content/ folder and this script will load them all:

It’ll also resource.AddWorkshop all gma files in addons/ ( can be stopped by commenting out the line that processes that directory; may need to do this if you have maps on workshop because until I release fileio it won’t read the addon and stop maps from being added ) and if you want clients to download any addons that aren’t on your server just create a dummy file ( blank ) and name it whatever you want.gma but add the workshop id digits to the title of the file and no additional digits and put the file in gamemodes/gm_name/content/workshop/ – this lets you extract addons, remove Lua if you want and still lets the client get it for the models without forcing your server to run faulty or unwanted Lua.