FastDl New Thread


I made it like this…&v=EH2YornMv2I
but it doesnt work.
Restartet my Server and if i join than a field in the Top of mah Screen says “Lua isn’t Working, Server is misconfigured”
don’t know what it means, i thougt i did it right.

Maybe it Helps too, here my “.htacces”

Options +Indexes

SetEnvIfNoCase Referer hl2://\ allow_download

Order Deny,Allow

Allowfrom env=allow_download

Deny from all

My Server.cfg

// Server-Name
hostname “Mythbusters Germany”

// RCON-Passwort
rcon_password “”

// Server-Passwort
sv_password “”

//Server download
“sv_allowdownload” 1"
"sv_allowupload “1”
“sv_downloadurl” “fastdlblabla”

//Server download
“sv_allowdownload” 1"
"sv_allowupload “1”
“sv_downloadurl” “fastdlblabla

Well, it isn’t working because that isn’t a web address.

It’s a example :stuck_out_tongue:

but the right is “
but if i copy the Url and paste him into mah Brower it says “Serverbiz not Found File fastdl”

Apparently, there are no files at all there. (Nothing whatsoever)

I’m not sure but this looks like a ftp url for me.

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you need to use html

Yeah and the folder the files you put the fastdl files in HAS TO BE CALLED garrysmod

Hmm, already many thanks for Help.
I changed the Url into “
but it still doesnt work :7

That URL gets a 404 error. You sure that path actually exists and has files in it?

“use123” is changed, but it works 100% already tryed

So you still have the lua cache error? Are you sure the cache folder is uploaded?

I Deleted the Cache from both, restarted the Server than no Lua Cache Error but the guys still guys still not download the stuff

Your problem seem to be you dont know the fastdl url.
Also, turn “sv_allowdownload” and “sv_allowupload” to 0.
Read the gmod wiki for that.

Your fastdl should be something like “”. If you have access to the root folder of the FastDL, you need to upload the files to “public_html/fastdl/”.

That’s right it’s my first FastDl and yes i read the wiki…
But the “sv_allowdownload” and the other are already 0
and the download server is public

Why cant I find the files when I go to the website then? You must be doing something wrong.

The URL he gave was a example one, not the real one.

jargen, I didn’t know that.

SS~Dr.DrClito, Can you please hand me the link to the real fastdl. I’ll check if it is even compatible with FastDL. Some web hosts isn’t. You can send it through a PM if you don’t wanna go public with it.


As I can see, you’re having ur complete server on the FastDL. Remove everything and read the gmod wiki:

I would think a professional host would know this is wrong…

I agree. Mine isn’t called garrysmod and it works like a charm :rock: