Fastdl Not downloading maps

heres my config:

"hostname"				" [RG] TTT|Custom|Shop|Haste|Active admins|Forums|FastDL"
"gamemode"		"terrortown"
"sv_lan"			"0"
"sbox_allownpcs"		"1"
"sbox_maxprops"		"40"
"sbox_maxragdolls"		"0"
"sbox_maxnpcs"		"0"
"sbox_maxballoons"		"10"
"sbox_maxeffects"		"0"
"sbox_maxdynamite"		"0"
"sbox_maxlamps"		"0"
"sbox_maxthrusters"		"3"
"sbox_maxwheels"		"2"
"sbox_godmode"		"0"
"sbox_plpldamage"		"0"
"sbox_playergod"		"0"
"sbox_noclip"			"0"
"sbox_maxhoverballs"		"5"
"sbox_maxvehicles"		"0"
"sbox_maxbuttons"		"3"
"host_thread_mode" "2"
"sv_loadingurl" ""
"sv_downloadurl" ""
"sv_allowdownload" "1"
"sv_allowupload" "1"
"ttt_postround_dm" "1"
"ttt_round_limit" "8"
"ttt_time_limit_minutes" "150"
"net_maxfilesize" "64"

But it doesn’t download the maps?

sv_allowdownload should be zero if I remember correctly

Okay i wil ltry that

Mine is ‘1’ and it works fine.

In your gameserver, make sure you have the .bsp file in the /maps/ folder.

What is the structure for your webserver? For example, mine is /

It is this : /url/public_html/

and yes they are in bzip2 format.

So you have /public_html/maps/ then? The .bsp goes in there.

it is there

It is all in the correct place, it just doesnt download

You want the .bsp’s in the /maps/ folder, not JUST the BZIP2’s.

Oh so both… okay i will try that

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So like this?

The maps folder? so it should look like that?

Correct. It should work.

Okay, my map changes in 2 rounds, i will update you then.

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THANKS! it worked!