FastDL Not downloading models

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I’ve been googling for a while, and read many threads, but nothing has been working for me. I have a server setup on xenonservers, in my server.cfg I have the allow down/uploads enabled and the proper fastdl link. My map downloads fine, but when I try to download materials or models from the atmosphere mod, Metro2033 ranger models and custom guns, nothing works. I tried the resource.AddFile(""), as well as the other code with AddDir(""), but neither of those force the model/material downloads. Any have any idea what’s going on, or did Gmod13 change the way to fastdl?

I also tried making a 7zip file of the Atmosphere addon and adding that, but it didn’t do anything.


Problem solved, I had a FastDL.txt instead of FastDL.lua.

I believe you don’t have the models in your server’s root folder. ( In case the models download everytime you join the server )

First I had them in addons, then I moved them into the individual folders in the main directory.

Or, do you mean something like
or putting each content of the Atmosphere folder into each directory (models/ materials, etc)

You’ll need to have the files in your server’s root folder, put all materials from your addon into the main/root folder of your server where materials/models/addons folders are. And of course add the files using resource.AddFile. And make sure net_maxfilesize is of appropriate size.

That still didn’t work, I have my fastdl setup like
resource.AddFile( “models/zinger/etcetc” )

I just made the file size limit excessive, so that shouldn’t be it either. I checked my own gmod files, I don’t have any of the models or materials installed either.