FastDL not working and workshop failing

Hello! So for some reason FastDL is not working. I followed this guide: but it still isn’t working. Workshop is not working either. It downloads M9K Small Arms then it fails, stops at like 80 percent or something like that then fails. Also when players join it does download the M9K Small Arms pack but it still doesn’t work. It is just an error for them. Also can addons have the folders models and materials or do they have to be in another folder because maybe that is my issue. Please help

This has been ‘solved’ as a Steam Cloud Issue. Last time this happened, it did take a few days to fix, but it IS NOT your issue. All I can tell you do to is wait it out. DO NOT install legacy addons whilst in a server. This can cause numerous LUA errors and other types of conflicts.

So is it because I got the legacy addon and the steam workshop is about Steam Cloud?

No, the Steam Cloud is the issue.

Try turning steam to “offline mode”, then re-enabling online mode. Afterwards, Launch GarrysMod.
If the previous actions do not get your addons back, restart steam, if that doesn’t recover them: you must re-install them all.

This is and has been an existing problem with steam across workshop-enabled games.

There’s not much that can be done to fix this issue currently, its up to Steam to fix it.

That isn’t my problem. I stated that my FastDL is not working. It downloads the stuff from my site but they still can’t see it. I just also switched to the non-legacy m9k small arms one. When players see me
hold a gun from M9K. It still shows up as an error. Steam Workshop is horrible but yea I am just wondering why FastDL is not working. Not sure if I did something what or etc.

Please help :S

im currently experiencing the same issue, i have tried to make people force download the models and all but it seems that the .gma files are overriding them and wont allow people to use them. I havent found any solutions sadly and have tried everything that i can think of.

Ah I see. Can anyone help us? :S

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In all honesty sticking to either fastdl or workshop is your best bet. I prefer fastdl since it is a lot easier to change stuff.

If you’re saying m9k fails to download to your server you could try downloading it from your PC, renaming it to ds_numbersAtEndOfAddon.gma and uploading it to the addons folder of your server.