FastDL Not working with SteamCMD

My friend has a server, and I tried to set up FastDL on it. I’ve done it before on two gmod servers I owned before and it worked just fine, but suddenly now it won’t work?
I’ve checked all the obvious, the models are there, no console errors, and i’m using the right function.
I’ve tried it for multiple different sets of files on different gamemodes and no one can DL them.
Dahelp prease? c:

Do the files not download as in it never says they are downloaded or they ‘download’ but show up as errors?

They download, and they’re not all going at the same speed, so I know it’s not fakely downloading.
It’s downloading and showing as an error. I’ve spawned and and such and i’ve made sure I didn’t skip any files on the fastDL.

I think it’s due to the way GMod now mounts downloaded content. I had to restart my game before the content was actually there (first time it downloaded, but didn’t show up in the game)

Keep in mind that downloaded content is now saved in garrysmod/download folder instead of just being plopped into the root.

I’m the owner of the server (Sethxi is my dev for it), Pretty much the files download (everytime we join) but they aren’t downloading correctly so any custom model we try to add to the server gets the ERROR (Big red one, for missing models). We’ve tried multiple things and Seth says he KNOWS he’s doing it all right.

is there any other way that we’re missing because of updates (We haven’t done anything with a server for a long time before the newer updates)

Not just with custom models either, Really anything (We tried zombie survival and the HUD nor sounds download).


Ok, I know how frustrating FastDL can be.
Could you post a sample of your code?

I have exactly the same problem atm