FastDL Not working

Ok, i’ve made a text file in garrysmod/lua/autorun/{.lua text i made} In it is some Resource.AddSingleFile’s. Now in my fastdl host, i’ve made a garrysmod/maps and a addons. I’ve dragged every whole addon into the addons and uploaded it. In my servercfg.

sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowupload "0" 
sv_allowdownload "0" 

I am uploading skin models and weapons.

	resource.AddSingleFile( "models/player/balls/balls_1.dx80.vtx" )

So, what should i do ? I have ulx force download, but now when i join my server it shows that its trying to download content but the content end up not downloaded…

im pretty sure allow download should be set to 1

“sv_downloadurl” “http://myurl/gmod/garrysmod
“sv_allowupload” “1”
“sv_allowdownload” “1”
downloads only map, nothing else…

reread op you cant force a client to download from the addons folder you have to extract them to their respective folders within garrysmod/garrysmod

well i have models (what are not addons) and all worked fine untill update

hmmm ive never used Resource.AddSingleFile i know that garry changed where downloads go when you download them from a server in this update maybe thats a factor only thing i can think of is have you tried Resource.AddFile?

Same thing i’m pretty sure

gentle bump

Make sure your sv_allowdownload is 1.

What is not downloading? The map or the materials, nothing?

Apparently i noticed that bz2 does not work anymore, wonder have anyone else noticed that, and i wonder am i the only one to have that problem…

Ok, if you read what I wrote, I clearly state I am uploading skin models and weapons. The maps are working fine, just not the addon. sv_allowdownload 1 does NOTHING unless you want it for stuff like sprays

Ugh, anyone? Lol

I believe I’m having the same issue as you, I currently have a topic on that here.

Sorry about hijacking your thread, NoIAmNotHere… maybe our problems are related, even though they appear to be different.

Sadly still no answer

I think we need more information to answer you. My FastDL works perfectly.

I’ve given enough essential information, if you needed info why dont you post it?

Extract the content from your addons into their appropriate content folders, ie: materials, models, sound, resource.

Doesnt work.

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Are you talking about making materials, models, sound etc folders in the fastdl? Or in orangebox/garrysmod

You should not have an addons folder on the fastdl server, you should only have: materials, models, sound, resource, and maps. All the content from the addons should be moved into these folders.