FastDL not working!

I tried setting up FastDL on my GMod server, but it’s not working. Like, at all.
My fastdl link is this:

From my server.cfg:

sv_allowupload		0
sv_allowdownload	0

Yet when I join when the server is on a map I don’t have, my game tries to download the map from the server, then kicks me when I don’t have the map and it can’t download it from the server. What am I doing wrong?

E: I tried changing the url to and that didn’t work either.

Post your resource.AddFile file. Also, try this.

sv_downloadurl		""
sv_allowupload		0
sv_allowdownload	0

Would I need to use resource.AddFile? I didn’t think that was required for the map.
Edit: Also, if I do need to use it, where would I find it? Would that be /garrysmod/data/ulx/downloads.txt?

Oh, it’s maps only? Then just follow my suggestion.

Most excellent. It fixed it! Thanks very much.