FastDL not working

I got an issue, afaik I set up fastDL correctly(using SourceRSC), set sv_allowupload & allowdownload to 0, and set the sv_downloadurl, but there are still reports that they get black & purple models…?

Heres the part of the config:

sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowupload 0
sv_allowdownload 0

It’s not setup correctly… should be
Your files are not correctly set-up in the fastdl folder, also Lua files in fastdl? Read this tutorial:

there are no lua files, its just because of an addon, the addon got an file without a actual extension in its autorun folder, probably for data or such, plus the url is not relevant(also said in the tutorial you posted), and most hosts dont have “fastdl.blah.blah/garrysmod”, just like Nitrous-Networks, and their fastdl works fine, plus they use the same System as I do(SourceRSC), so I literally set it up correctly.

Alright, nginx errors.log shows this:

2015/07/27 14:50:14 [error] 649#0: *2322 open() "/var/www/fastdl/pltce/maps/ttt_aircraft_v1b.bsp.bz2" failed (13: Permission denied), client: IPADDRESSHERE, server:, request: "GET /maps/ttt_aircraft_v1b.bsp.bz2

but file permission is 755?

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nvm, some files werent allowed to be ran, I will test it now.