FastDL only loads maps

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to set up a GMod server for me and my friends. Everything works fine after a bit of googling and try-and-error, except for one thing: FastDL.

Maps do load, but models, materials and so on do not. I used as a test this car:
Added it to workshop.vdf, then unpacked it and uploaded everything except the \lua folder and info.txt. The server itself has the GMA file.
Created the garrysmod\lua\autorun\server\resources.lua with
Tried both resource.AddFile and resource.AddSingleFile. Tried both bz2ing and normal files on the FastDL. Permissions are 0755.


resource.AddFile( "/scripts/vehicles/69charger-gm10.txt" )
resource.AddFile( "/materials/models/vehicles/cars/69charger/transparent_normal.vtf" )

My config on the FastDL:

FastDL config in the server.cfg:

"sv_downloadurl"			"http://***/fastdl/gmod/"
"sv_allowdownload"			"0"
"sv_allowupload"			"0"

The maps load, the dodge appears in the “Vehicles” list, but the files don’t download. Any ideas what goes wrong?

Thanks in advance,

OK, found it:

resource.AddFile( "/models/vehicles/cars/69charger.vvd" )

needs to be

resource.AddFile( "models/vehicles/cars/69charger.vvd" )