FastDL: People have to download files every time they join!

Hey Guys,

I created an new sandbox server and want to use fastdl. Now i deleted my garrysmod folder and joined. The Client downloaded all (maps etc.)(300 datas).
After i reconnected the client had to load 170 datas again. An after this it had to load 170 again, too.
I added the content by SourceRSC to my ftp server and zipped all to bz2.
Now i dont know how i can change these senseless redownloads!?
Please help me!

yours T.

Search every addon you have, every script you’ve installed, and when you see “resource.AddFile” in a lua file, delete that line. Not the whole script, just that line. So if there’s a huge list of resource.AddFile things, just delete all of those and leave the script as is.

But isnt it bad?

Have you a linux script which can do this job?

That is a terrible idea, that is what tells the server to send the files to the client, the issue is with the fastdl server, you don’t have all the required files uploaded, therefore it tries to download them and fails every-time a client connects.

SourceRSC isn’t perfect.

but how could i know, which datas wasn’t uploaded ?
And if i use sourcersc again, he will remove the manual uploaded datas !?

All the files that are getting downloaded every time are the ones that aren’t uploaded.

But how can i handel this with sourcersc ?