FastDL png

Alright, so…I’ve been coding a little addon for my server, but for some odd reason I can’t get .png images to download correctly.
The .png is located at my server’s garrysmod/materials/achievement/achievement.png
The file is added for downloading with


Later on when the file is used, it’s called with


However, this is giving me an missing texture, unless I add the file manually to my own garrysmod/materials/achievements/

So my basically question is, do you need to do something special for .png images to download to client or work in general?

And yes, I synced my FastDL.

No, just in your addons folder make materials/achiviements folder and put there also youre png’s

It shoudln’t matter if it’s garrysmod/addons/materials or garrysmod/materials?
I’ve done the latter for all other stuff and it’s worked fine.

Also, noticed that I get

HTTP ERROR downloading
HTTP ERROR downloading

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Figured out it was my test server host’s crappy set-up :v:
Worked fine on my main server’s fastDL