Fastdl Problem, Help please!

Hi all,
I’ve ran into a problem while using fastdl.
I’ve directed my fastdl link like so at the bottom of my .cfg file:

sv_downloadurl “

Im not sure if i have to use ( sv_downloadurl “” ) and direct it to every single file i would like downloaded to the client, or if I have to dircet it to just one folder in the /garrysmod/?

I’ve also set;
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1

I am very confused and would be very greatful for some enlightenment on this matter!
Thanks for reading.

I don’t even seem to be able to go on that link (403 error). That might be the cause. And you just have to direct it to a “garrysmod” folder just like the one on your server.

Read on the GMod wiki for more information regarding the sv_downloadurl:

Would this be due to the server being hidden/ not public access?

The webserver or the GMod server?

it keeps saying 403 permissions not allowed, i called my hosting company they said its not showing cuz its gotta be a web page or some shit.

this is my .cfg settings

sv_defaultgamemod “FusionRP”
sv_password “”
sv_lan 0
sbox_noclip 0
sbox_godmode 0
sbox_weapons 0
sbox_plpldamage 0
sbox_maxprops 20
sbox_maxragdolls 0
sbox_maxnpcs 0
sbox_maxballoons 0
sbox_maxeffects 0
sbox_maxdynamite 0
sbox_maxlamps 2
sbox_maxthrusters 0
sbox_maxwheels 0
sbox_maxhoverballs 0
sbox_maxvehicles 2
sbox_maxbuttons 10
sbox_maxemitters 0
sbox_maxspawners 0
sbox_maxturrets 0
net_maxfilesize 64
sv_downloadurl “
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1

Ask them to enable file listing for that page, and it should work.

Alright, i’ll call my webhosting company once i get home from work. hopefully this helps. The chick from godaddy customer support last night was very helpful and seemed to know her stuff but when she talked she was like:
“GORREIS MUD???..wuts dat lul.”
She was cool, but still had no clue at all what I was trying to explain that those files needed to be publicly accessible. I just didnt know the name for it.
Thank you Goz!

Make sure you can download a file off the FastDL site, you don’t need the directory listing to be public but the files have to be (to test it, find a file you uploaded and try the direct link to it - example if it downloads your good).

In your server.cfg set sv_allowupload and sv_allowdownload to 0

Its a good idea to increase the net_maxfilesize so larger maps / other large files will download for clients.

Make sure the garrysmod directory on your FastDL site is mirrored to the server, make sure all the directory’s and files match. You only have to upload the needed files to the FastDL site such as the maps and cache folder. According to the wiki page these are all the folders you can mirror.

Remember if you want to add files from an addon (models, materials, sounds etc… ) you must pull it out of addon format (upload the models, materials, sound, resource folder from the addon to the correct folders on the FastDL site).
You do NOT need to upload the lua folder as all the client side lua is sent in the lua cache file. Big model packs such as SBEP are optional to upload unless you have the server send all the files in that pack (not a good idea).

Remember to upload the lua cache file anytime you add something to the server or make changes to any lua files.

It may be a good idea to clean out your folders on the FastDL after a while and re-upload fresh files, that way you may save a bit of space removing older unneeded files and it can help upload updated files you may have missed.

I like to move my addons, models, materals and sound folders out of my garrysmod folder on my client and join the server just to make sure everything is downloading right. Since you have the files the server wont try and send them to you, but players without those files may be stuck trying to download them over and over again if you forgot to add something.

Hope that helps a bit, remember to check out the sv_downloadurl article on the wiki if you have not already.

Thanks for the clear explanation here, it will be very helpful for people in the future.
I currently run a fast DL server, for getting maps to people quickly (not enough do this!!)
But recently wanted to add a few models from addons.

Just to be sure, the addon models, materials, sounds, etc do not need to be put into the server’s models, materials, sounds, folders… ony the fastDL server’s right?
Also, do these addon files need to be listed in the forcedownloads.lua file?