FastDl problem

here is the link and i put the map for rp_downtown_v4c and it says it cant find rp_downtown_v4c

sv_downloadurl “
sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowupload 0

From what I can see is that you’re using the wrong compression. Try to use bzip2.


I don’t think you can use Google Sites for FastDL hosting, it requires you to actually click on the link to download the file

you sure? Because I have saw many tutorials on youtube and Everybody does it this way

Well I can download the file using the path “

But he is using the wrong compression method for his file. You can use free software like 7zip to compress your files. But choose bzip2 as your archive format.

It may be possible but xaldeon is 100% correct, files on FastDL use bz2 compression, not 7z

ok But can you give me a link to a download of bzip2?

The 7zip program has support for bz2 files

ok i tried everything and it still says it cant find the map

Did you pack it into a .bz2?


Enter download_debug 1 in the console, join the server, open the console, look at the errors

It wont start!


The game will not start when i start it in the console i set the map to rp_downtown_v4c
thats what i am complaining about

I don’t understand. Your personal game won’t launch a single player match/multiplayer server or players joining your server can’t download the map?

It wont launch the server it says cant find “rp_downtown_v4c” even though the sv_downloadurl . has the url of the site with the map in it

You’re not making much sense dude.

You’re not Helping much dude