FastDL problem

I’m trying to install a FastDL for my server. I got a hosting server. Placed all my server files in there correctly. Placed: “sv_downloadurl” “” in my server.cfg. When I went on my server, I downloaded nothing. I added addons into my ftp that I don’t have locally. Any advice helps.

FastDL is something you really have to do trial and error for, could be something simple you forgot to do etc, but I’ll take a guess, here are a few of my suggestions:

First off, make sure you have set:
sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowupload 0
(that may sound backwards, but with those off files will be download from the FastDL site rather than the game server)
net_maxfilesize 100 - This may be locked to 64 anyway, but I’d set it to be on the safe side.

Some files may not be downloading because you have not told the server to send them, you will need to create a resource file so the server forces the files to be sent. Certain addons like wiremod include a resource file so clients that do not have wiremod can see some materials, like holomodels without having the addon themselves.

Chances are, your client already has the needed files from the server… besides the cache file of course.

Check out
Just make a small script and put it in lua/autorun/server/ call it anything you wish, I’d stick with resources.lua to make it easy.
Here is an example if you are a bit confused, tried to find files that were already uploaded to your webspace

// Send the sound AirHorn.wav
// Send a sound from the Bail Out addon

Hope that helps, thats my main guess at this point, but if it still does not work … or if any file you download from the server tries to download itself over and over then you still have a problem.

Make sure your web host allows sv_downloadurl, some free hosts may block it, check with x10 hosting.

You have seemed to have uploaded alot of un-needed files, which is no big deal but in the future remember you only need to upload files that will be sent to clients… like the ones listed in the resource file you create for example, or the files wiremod or any other addons try to send. Also you do not need to upload lua scripts, any lua the client needs will be sent in the lua cache file… hence why its so important clients receive it.

Be sure when you upload addons you pull them out of addon format

Those are my guesses and suggestions for now, hope I did not confuse you more, I’ll leave you with a few helpful links, if you have not seen them already.

sv_downloadurl Wiki Article
My Tut Attempt

Hope this helps some.
If you are still stuck, shoot me a PM… maybe I could offer some help via Steam and Teamviever.

sv_allowdownload and sv_allowupload have nothing to do with fastdl.