FastDL Problems

So, I’ve set up a TTT server with FastDL working and everything, but I’m having some trouble with custom files. When I want a certain model or weapon added onto my server, I put them in the corresponding directory. For example, say I want a custom model (Batman) to buy in my PointStore. I would put the drag the models folder from my desktop into my server directory. So, it would be located at models/player/whatever/batman.mdl. I would then go to my FastDL.lua file inside lua/autorun/server/ and put this inside:

if SERVER then

Then, I put the files inside my FastDL database under the same models/player/whatever/ directory. When clients join the server, it downloads said files correctly. But, they are still errors in game. Do I have to put these custom files inside gamemodes/terrortown/content/? Or do I make a new folder in Addons, name it whatever, and put materials, models, sounds, and the likes inside? Any help at all is appreciated, it’s probably some stupid mistake on my part.

Exactly the same issue dude.

I was gunna make a post but i am sure its been raised before.

Just an fyi, its not just specific to the pointshop

Yeah, I was just using Pointshop as an example. For custom weapons, I have the same problem as well.

Also, put it in your terrortown/content folder too.

If it fails, either your fastdl is setup wrong, or your model is broken.

So then do I put:

if SERVER then

In my FastDL.lua? Or keep it how it is?

Your FastDL is set up wrong, the files are failing to download

How so? My sv_downloadurl is “http://<myurlhere>” There are models, materials, and everything else in that directory.

Make sure everything has all the possible permissions (exec, read, write)

Done. I made it so that public_html and all sub-directories/files are CHMOD 777 (Owner, Group, and Public can read/write/execute). Could that have been the problem? I noticed some didn’t allow Public read or write permissions and whatnot.


You are probably not matching casings in resource.AddFile and the path to the real file

I always double-check my spelling and whatnot to make sure it’s getting the right file… for example.


EDIT: Is it the gamemodes/terrortown/content/ thing then?

.dx80 isn’t a proper file extension

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well, not one GMod uses

So for these, I would write…?


EDIT: It’s .vtx isn’t it…

You should tell your explorer to show file extensions

I am… retarded. Yeah, they’re all .vtx. So then if I add


to the FastDL.lua file, along with all others, it should work? Don’t have to add it to gamemodes/terrortown/content/ or addons/ ?

It should work just like that. Here’s my standard picture to help: