FastDL Question

I working on custom darkrp gamemode, and i have some trouble with changing players models.

My server.cfg

“sv_allowdownload” “0”
“sv_allowupload” “0”

For adding custom modeles i use ResourceGenerator.
Every custom models i put into content folder.


For adding custom models i use this file


Every model i write in a two ways

resource.AddFile “”
resource.AddSingleFile “”

I don’t know why i doing that but it helping me to force every file to be downloaded.
When i connect to my server i download all of custom model models and materials (it seems to me).
But in game i can’t see models color, only black and pink.
I checked my garrysmod folder for materials, and they here!

Why it happening?
Please help.


are you hosting it yourself or did you pay for it?

Your FastDL server is either not configured, doesn’t have the content that you are trying to send, or simply fucked up.