FastDL Resource Lua?

Hello everybody! I have a server with fastDL set up, I currently use 000webhost and it works fantastically. I would like to put some non-workshop files up for fastDL. Like some ACF models, but there’s like 50 files in a single folder. How would I select all of those files without repeating resoruce.AddFile 100’s of times?
Any help will be appreciated! :slight_smile:

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    I have resource.AddFile (“maps/gm_drivingmap_mk1-95_beta.bsp”)
    But if there were like 20 files, I would like to select the whole folder itself.

I dont think you can, because the certain files are in a directory so like


merging them or combining them somehow would cause errors, you can infact use a tool to get all the files and resource.addfile each one with a click of a button, think it’s fox warrior resource generator.

Check it out by googling it :slight_smile: hope it helped.

Sweet, thanks! Lets hope Fox’s resource generator is for Linux.

No it is not.