FastDL server help

Im have a few questions with my server. im setting up fast dl for my server and following this tutorial ( do i need to generate a lua for all my addons or can i just compile it into one? also, i uploaded my files to the assigned folders of my server and do i need to change my download url? its set to this (sv_downloadurl “”). and in the tut he has a fastdl folder. do i need to amke one or not? and i also set allowdownload and upload to 1. if you want to add me on steam to help my user is Kwebber321. thanks

You can just make one Lua file as long as the paths reflect a mirrored garrysmod folder and not addons/blah/materials, etc.

Nope, leave the sv_downloadurl as that.

You don’t need a literal “fastdl” folder, it’s just an example.

ok so everything im doing is fine. im actually doing the luas one by one to cut down on errors if i were to have any i can find it quickly.