FastDL Server.

I have never messed with a FastDL server, and was wondering if after i put the downloadurl in the server.cfg will it automaticaly download everything in my FastDL, or do i need to add them to the resources in lua?
In addition i heard there is a way to make the users download bzip2 files, and was wondering how?

What you do after the sv_downlodurl “” is make a file under lua/autorun/server and name it whatever (resources.lua etc.) and begin to add lines for each file using resource.AddFile("")

resource.AddFile( "my/player/model/here.mdl" )

Also some GSPs provide clients with sync buttons where they can upload files to their server via FTP and hit that button. That’ll upload the files to the we host and compress them in a .bz2 format.

Here’s a resource generator:

A more recent one:

And the bzip tool (if you don’t have a compression button on your host or don’t have a host):

so i just need to add the bzip ?

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(for the fastdl)

Bzip the files you want to download, upload files to your server and web server, then add the files to your resource file under lua/autorun/server.

Add the files with the .bz2, right?
just making sure.

Upload zipped files to web server and default ones to your game server.

ok and then with the resource.addfile just add the file which is .bz2?

Do not add the .bz2 extension. Just search for the file on the server and add that (or take the resource generators, select the directory of addons, and generate the lua file there.)

I know, i made them .bz2 files, but what i am asking is, should i use the resource.addfile on the BZ2 file?

Yes, you should use the BZ2 file in the resources file BUT you do not keep the .bz2 extension. Say if you had a model called “model.mdl.bz2” on the fastdl server, in the resources on the game server, it would be resource.AddFile(“model.mdl”)

Well it didn’t work for me.
I’ve put the .bz2’s in the fastdl, and this is apart of my forcedl file:
resource.AddFile( “models/sickness/gtabus.mdl” )
resource.AddFile( “models/sickness/gtabus.mdl” )
resource.AddFile( “models/sickness/gtabus.phy” )
resource.AddFile( “models/sickness/gtabus.sw.vtx” )
resource.AddFile( “models/sickness/gtabus.vvd” )

do you have your sv_downloadurl set? Make sure you have the uncompressed files that are on the fastdl server on the game server. Make sure you are placing the files on the fastdl server in a public folder.

I did, can i just use fastdl with the regular files intead of .bz2’s?

make sure sv_downloadurl was set pretty much exactly like this, idk why but not having it in this format made it not work for me before

sv_downloadurl ""

  1. Not really smart to use FastDL without bzipping
  2. Make sure your sv_downloadurl is set correctly
  3. Make sure you don’t have the files you want to download, already downloaded such as in workshop content or under garrysmod/download. Delete the files if you already have them and try again.

None are in workshop content or can be uploaded there.
My fastdl link works, should it have a “/” in the end? since mine does. example:
and just making sure.
my fastdl should have the bzipping, but in my server it has the orignial models and such.

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My friend got the models but not the materials.
I’ve checked and its the same folders,
this is the server fastdl lua file:
resource.AddFile( “materials/models/gtaiv/vehicles/stockade/6.vmt” )
This is the fastdl directory:

Post your FastDL Link?

Rename “fastdl” to “garrysmod”

and make sure your server.cfg looks like this

sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowupload "1"
sv_allowdownload "1"