FastDL SetUp Help

Hello, I want to have the client download JUST one custom font. I have This as my webserver:

I have this in my server.cfg:
[lua]sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1

And it dosent work. Help, please!

sv_downloadurl “

And I have this in /autorun/server
[lua]resource.AddFile (“resource/fonts/bebasneue.ttf”)[/lua]

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Didnt Work

  1. Set sv_allowdownload and upload to 0.
  2. Do what zapha said.
  3. Pack the font in a BZIP (.bz2) on your FastDL.

Didnt Work.

This is the server/autorun now
[lua]resource.AddFile (“resource/fonts/bebasneue.ttf”)
resource.AddFile (“resource/fonts/bebasneue.ttf.bz2”)

and this is the font I want to use:
[lua]surface.CreateFont( “printfonts”, {
font = “Bebas Neue”,
size = 33,
weight = 500,
blursize = 0,
scanlines = 0,
antialias = true
} )[/lua]

I know its right because It works on my computer, because I installed the font myself, but dosent work for other people.

Delete the second resource.AddFile line with the .bz2. You don’t need it. Also, move your resource.AddFile file to lua/autorun/server.

Oops, thats what I meant. Still dosent work.

Post your updated resources.lua and server.cfg. Also, ask users when they join the server if they get any HTML errors.

[lua]sv_allowupload 0
sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowcslua 0
sv_downloadurl “”[/lua]

[lua]resource.AddFile (“resource/fonts/bebasneue.ttf”)


No HTML Errors.


exec server.cfg

in your autoexec.cfg?


Ask a client when they join to go to garrysmod/download/resource/fonts and see if the font is there.

I deleted the contents of my folder, and nope, not there.

Out of curiosity, what did you name your resource.AddFile lua file and where is it?

resources.lua lua/autorun/server


Join your server and open the console. Look for any errors there. Also check your console.log (web server) for any HTML errors.

Change the name of the font to bebasneue no spaces in the surface.CreateFont, this worked for me so give it a shot I guess.


Remove the trailing / from your download URL.