FastDL setup on Linux server, don't see cache folder

/var/www/garrysmod# rsync -zvr /home/gmod/srcds/orangebox/garrysmod/
DownloadLists/         gameinfo.txt           modelsounds.cache
GameState.txt          gamemodes/             particles/
addons/                garrysmod.fgd          resource/
backgrounds/           html/                  scripts/
bin/                   lights.rad             settings/
cfg/                   logs/                  shaders/
clientside_errors.txt  lua/                   sound/
data/                  maps/                  stats.txt
demos/                 materials/             steam.inf
downloads/             media/                 sv.db
fallbacks/             models/

I’m setting up an rsync script based on copying the folders listed here

It says cache is the most important…but I don’t see it.

The cache folder doesn’t exist anymore.

Thanks, solved in that case :slight_smile: