FastDL Setup


I have recently purchased a web server from ServerFFS and it works fine, but the thing is I am trying to setup FastDL for my server. I have followed all of the steps on But it does not work. I upload the latest cache and an exact mirror of my Gmod Server, but when I get in game it says “Lua Cache Not downloaded” or something. When I go to the web server directory which is where I have place the gmod files it says that it is forbidden. The url is"

What do you think my problem is. I am happy to upload anything to try and fix the situation.



well we cant see the Site So maybe the Gmod cant connect to the site either?

if thats all wrong ^^^^^

it should be garrysmod/cache

Or garrysmod/maps

The easiest thing would be to get your gameserver host to help you setup a virtual folder at /garrysmod/cache/ that links to your garry’s mod server’s /cache/ folder. (On their web server that is)

That way it would auto-update the cache folder.

If they are on seperate machines, I’m not sure if virtual folders support working over networks, but then it gets a bit more complicated.

Okay, I will ask them. hayhay89, that is how I have it setup, /garrysmod/cache/ etc

What are all of the zip files? Looks like you were trying to use compression, although it isn’t really needed.
Anyway I may know your problem, you appear to have your folders capitalized and most web servers are case sensitive. Garrysmod will be looking for lower case folder names and as it is, Gmod literally cannot find your cache and materials folders. Here look at my FastDL for reference. Oh and be sure the URL in you CFG file matches the URL of your download site exactly.

Edit: The URL i posted is exactly what is in my CFG.

sgt_josh, how the hell did you setup that? i have mine at and its not like that! HELP!