Fastdl - Taking awhile for players to join.

Good evening, I was wondering if anyone here has had this problem before.

In the picture, two players are trying to connect, while the player on top has been playing for awhile.
The second player has been ‘Spawning’ for half an hour. Though, it appears that he has already downloaded all fastdl content.

It’s frustrating to see players trying to join, lol. They will either wait for more than 30 minutes, or leave in the first few minutes.

Thought: Could I be missing a file in fastdl? It seems that The second player’s client is still trying to download something, and that is why it’s lingering around.
Is there a main file i’ve forgotten to include? Because everything else gets downloaded perfectly.

I’ve seen this before, sometimes FASTDL fails over and over.

Go to your garrysmod folder,


and delete all content that you know you have downloaded from your server.

Rejoin. Now you’re going to redownload all your server’s content again. Then you can see what the issues are. If that doesn’t show you something, I’m not sure.


Maybe they just have slow ass internet.

Alright, thanks a lot. I’ll try that method.

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Yep, seeing that their pings are above 100 i’d say it could be slow ass internet, lol.

On my server I have had a similar problem. I had people joining fine and quick, but when
my friend came on who was using in particular a mac he couldn’t download a file at all,
It had him stuck there. I didn’t experience the problem again until someone else with a
mac joined and couldn’t download the same file. I think some files the mac just can’t download.
This may or may not be your problem but I hope it helped!

Ah, thanks for the feed back. It seems more people are joining the server today without problems, aside from the issue earlier. Thanks for telling me about those macs, that could possibly be a problem.