fastdl that support php and SimpleXML

Someone can give me a good fastdl that support php and SimpleXML

If you have a Server Host they should automatically have that for you. For FastDL all you have to do is go into lua/autorun/server and add a fastdl.lua file. Then in that add:
resource.AddFile( “whateverfileyouwannadownload” )

Yea but I need a web host for my loading screen I have php loading screen

If you have a server host already, ask them if they have PhP support. Most do

No I dont :frowning:
I tried alot of web hosts and just I dont know how to take the link!!!

I see a lot of people mention in regards to hosting loading screens. It was in the top 5 results when I searched for ‘free web host with php support

Yea thanks but now I have and other problem I have no idea how to find the link to put on sv_loadingurl

Once you upload the file to the domain go to the link you sent it to. Copy the URL then go to your server.cfg. Inside put:
sv_loadingurl “urlgoeshere”