FastDL Tutorial

As we get a shit ton of questions regarding FastDL setup, I created a tutorial on how to set one up. It’s very thoroughly and covers everything you need to know.

I wouldn’t say Steam is fragile, it can go down, but it doesn’t happen all that often.

chFtheCat managed to take down Steam for days using LOIC injected with bytecode, and that’s not even poweful compared to the larger botnets that’s known…

The only problems I have had with using the workshop system have been due to some bugs that occur sometimes when the server needs to update one of the addons, sometimes it’ll download a portion of it and just skip ahead and start loading anyway and I have to restart again to fix it, that and steam network downtime.

I get better speeds from the steam CDN than I do from FastDL’s hosted on a server somewhere - most of which don’t have a CDN setup as far as I can tell, and it’s alot easier for me to manage the content for my server and its clients using the workshop honestly, push an addon update out and all that’s required is a restart.

Quite a few communities seem to run with a workshop first, FastDL fallback system in place. What I really hate seeing is joining a server, not downloading much of anything on join and then when spawning in getting a popup telling me to open up a collection page and subscribe to all - filling up my local install with stupid shit, completely negating the resource.AddWorkshop functionality (looking at you GMTower…).

You probably used a shared hosting with limited upload speed.

Tho all he did was just claim respoinsiblity wich is probably not true. He’s probably fat kid wanting to be cool and claimed responsiblity… Haha

Maybe where you live but in the East Coast of America it happens at least 3 times a week.