FastDL Urgent Problems

I’ve set up my TTT server with FastDL, but I’m still having some MAJOR problems with it. I’ll post all the information I can below. Whether this is my webserver’s fault, my own stupid fault, or anything else, I just need this resolved ASAP so I can continue the development of my server.

So, I’ve set up my FastDL like so:
My webserver. As you can see, everything is working, and I’m not exceeding the allotted disk space.

My FTP of the webserver in FileZilla. Everything is structured correctly, I believe.

My server.cfg, with sv_downloadurl inside.

Now, let’s say I want there to be a Dragunov as a Traitor weapon. But for now, I just want the model. So for the client, when they have the Dragunov in their hands, it should be a model, except it should be pink and black checkered (correct me if I’m mistaken). In my GAMESERVER, I put the models in…

AND in…

In my WEBSERVER, I put the models in…

In gamemodes/terrortown/entities/weapons/weapon_ttt_svd/shared.lua, I have this code:
[lua]if SERVER then
AddCSLuaFile( “shared.lua” )
Then a little down the line…
[lua]SWEP.ViewModel = “models/weapons/v_dragunov__.mdl”
SWEP.WorldModel = “models/weapons/w_dragunov__.mdl”

In my lua/autorun/server/ directory, there is a file I made named FastDL.lua. Contained is the following code.
if SERVER then



Now, when a client joins the sever, they download the files. But, in game, the gun is a giant ERROR, not the pink and black textured Dragunov I wanted. Also, everytime they rejoin the server, they have to download the files again. I have tried almost everything in my power to fix this problem, and I’ve run out of options, so I’m gonna need one of your guys’ help. Any fixes or solutions, any at all that will fix/help this problem will be greatly appreciated. It is really hindering the development of my server.

If you need any more information, please say below.

public_html is your actual website. So your url should be “

Let me know if that worked and if not you can add me on steam, [EG]Nick , I can help you out if further assistance is needed. I have fastdl for my server.

Bleh, that may be the problem… thanks for the help, I’ll contact you with any further problems.