FastDL VS Server DL Help

Okay so I just setup a FastDL. Now my question is this. Before I had a FastDL. The files I had were and currently still are added in a resource file with resource.Addfile. “PATH”… And that’s how the client downloaded sounds and such through my server. Well now that I have a FastDL do I still keep the resource.Addfile? My question is, will the server override downloading through the server with the resource files and instead download through my FastDL. I have it setup in the server.cfg file.

It shouldn’t, as long as the file paths are correct.

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Actually, nevermind, I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.

resource.AddFile lets the server know which files need to be sent to the client, if you have fastdl enabled (sv_downloadurl set) then it will attempt to find all the required files on the fastdl server.

You need resource.AddFile if you have custom materials/models that need to be downloaded, even with fastdl.

And enabling FastDl is “0” or “1” in the server.cfg? Some places say “0” others say “1”


You set the sv_downloadurl parameter to a web-server. Example:


The structure of the FastDL has to be the same as on the game server except for addons.

On the FastDL, you should NOT have any addons folder. So for all your addons, you take the materias, models, sound, maps, resource and particles folders out and put them together with the root materials, models, sound, maps, resource and particles folders. Like mine: FastDL

For the addons that you have downloaded from the Workshop, you have to extract them using GmadExtractor. On the Server: Preferrably you could just move every single addon out of the addons folder into the root folder (lua goes into lua, materials to materials, etc).

You can also save about 60% of all your custom content’s files using Bzip2. This will compress your custom content into .bz2 files. These goes into your FastDL ONLY. As you can see, my FastDL has every single file bz2 compressed. The original size of all my custom content is 326 MB and when compressed, it’s only 138 MB

Thank you! That was every bit of information I could of ever needed!

You forgot to add the quotes in the code.

The quotes would only make a difference if the url contained spaces.