FastDL vs WorkShop Collection

First off, I would like to see which is really preferable/better. now I know workshop collection is easier to set up, but besides that which one is better.

Is it possible to Combine the 2?

have a workshop collection, and have a fastdl so they can download from the both, like certain addons.

Not sure which is better, but it sure is possible to combine the two. The workshop collection addon IDs go in your lua/autorun/server/downloads.lua and so do some of your fastDL things.

FastDL pros:

  • Can be limited so you don’t have to download every little addon, gamemode and server content.
  • Clients don’t need to download server-sided stuff.
  • You’re not depended on steams service (It goes down now and then).

Workshop pros:

  • Free hosting.
  • You’re hands-free. Steam CDN does all the job.
  • You always have the newest version from the workshop.
  • You don’t have to rename files to make clients re-download something.
  • Faster. Steam CDN will pick the closest location to download from.

I don’t agree with these points

I think ( think ) FastDL is meant to be faster - one as you said you can strip out content you don’t need, but also I think your own web server ( dependent on host ) will be faster then Workshop.

As for easier for devs, workshop is IMO much easier to update. I just shove it in a folder, load a program and click update. Rather then having to individually upload to webserver and add into lua as a resource download.

You make some points. But it all depends on content.
Workshops download-speed IS faster than FastDL but FastDL limits the download-size.
It all depends on the distance to the FastDL host, and steam got servers scattered around.

Both those points are FOR workshop downloads? Was it meant to be - do you mean Workshop limits the download size? It’s been increased though hasn’t it recently?

Personally I prefer workshop - but only because I NEVER seem to be able to get FastDL to work :stuck_out_tongue: My own lack of patience.

Its points for both sides.

  • Workshop downloads server-sided content in addons and gamemodes and therefor have to download more than FastDL.
  • FastDL is (on average) slower than steams servers. (It is all based on the clients location vs the distance to the nearest steam server).

It completely varies on your location and distance to the server and if your using some cheap free webserver pumping out a single mb a second at best to players which are really close to it, or having an actual dedicated server or even VPS on a 100mb/GB port being able to provide a faster speed on a more global scale. But that is a pro to workshop DL, it downloads on the nearest steam server to you.

Ye definitely - that’s why I mentioned ‘dependent on host’.

We can talk about every small silly detail; that really don’t matter much. (What I’ll call flyfucking. :P)
I would say that the workshop is best.
While it is a bit buggy, goes down now and then and requires the client to download a few extra kb. It is easier, up-to-date and free.