Fastdl warning table downloadables is full

Hi i think this is already asked but when i setup fastdl and start the server i get.
when i start the map cs_office .

warning table downloadables is full //models…/…

of all the props/models of cs_office

I search’t on google / youtube / facepunch for a answer but couldn’t find anything.

So i ask now people around the world do you have a fix for it?

It means you are trying to send to many shit over your FastDL, either use less shit(models/materials/sounds) you use workshop.

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Also, as I understand you are sending all CS:S props, don’t do that.

i dont know how to stop it sending over fast dl the only thing i want to send are 2 things over workshop via fastdl

Search for resource.AddFile or resource.AddSingleFile. Also it might be caused by excessive amount of Lua files.

If you’re going to send a workshop addon with that much shit (if it’s a CSS content addon don’t bother) use resource.AddWorkshop

i only need to send 2 playermodels but it atomaticly sends a load of crap from other server files with it and i cant find any resource.addfiles that are causing that

Put sv_allowdownload 0 in your server.cfg.

still get this

A script on your servers adds everything possible to the download list, you’d better find it.

Also, AddCSLuaFile is useless there. Unneeded, since resource.AddWorkshop is serverside only.

Re installed server and it works now found 1 typo and thats it.