FastDL wiremod.

Hi! I have my server set up with FastDL, and I was wondering if there was a way to force players to download the wiremod models.

I use wiremod a lot, but it irks me when people see error.mdl instead of my alarm or autogunshop.

It will take ages for them to download it. Why not making a popup and telling them automatically from where they can get wiremod?

Some servers with the new wiremod could invoke it were it displays the wiremod welcome screen, but I can’t be sure.

OK, so, wiremod aside…

I downloaded a CS:S playermodels pack, its only 200KB,

How can I force players to download that? So they can have all the animations?

Animations are different files, but they still use the Half-Life bones, so garrys mod animates them no problem.

Quote from mod page: