FastDL with Workshop?

I’ve configured the workshop.vdf to download the maps I want from the workshop, do I need to get these files onto my FastDL Server? If so, how do I go about automating that? (If possible at all)

Get the workshop extractor that’s somewhere here on the forums and extract the content, then put it on fastdl like normal.

Here you go:

Hey, unfortunately I’ve done that, and then bziped the map addons, and when I download the map it says “your file differs from the servers”

Hey thanks for the response…

Blame garry.

You can probably still find the information somewhere, search facepunch.

Yeah it’s a shame it was deleted, it makes adding FastDL content impossible unless you know where to look on Facepunch…

I’ve looked high and low and I’m still failing… I guess I’ll just wait until the process won’t cause me headaches. Thanks for the halp

Would be nice if he had it so clients (maybe temporarily?) auto subscribe to the addons a server is using, right now it’s just a clunky system.

I believe garry said nope.

Although it would be nice if there was a system where it said “this server is using custom content. Do you want to Download X and add it to your workshop?”

This is pretty vital; having to go loophole around the .gma to provide clients content means a lot of players have to go download from the workshop, and in turn, are forced into extra steps they don’t want to take. Their first taste of a server is bad, and it reinforces the use of the same maps and models in every server since that’s what’s available and doesn’t take time to get.

That’s really unfortunate. Would make it easier for server owners, and clients alike.

I still have no idea what I can do with any workshop maps if I cant use them!