Fastdl with workshop


How to add my collection FastDL workshop.
I use this link:
But I understand nothing

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For dedicated servers

You have to get the ID of the workshop content you want the client to DL then you have to use as you said AddWorkshop.

resource.AddWorkshop( "ID" )

or can I put this line? in lua> autorun> server


don’t work for me.
I used microsoft server 2012 and i used Garry’s Mod 13 Dedicated Server Creator for the server.
I add line resource.AddWorkshop( “MYID” ) in notepad, and i rename in forcedownloads.lua .
And i placed to lua>autorun>server and don’t work

  1. What is Garry’s Mod 13 Dedicated Server Creator?
  2. Did you put a collection ID or a workshop ID? resource.AddWorkshop doesn’t support collections.

how to make a collection, then?

You don’t. I’m asking, what ID did you use?

I used : 198137846
it’s my workshop collection

You don’t use your workshop collection for

resource.AddWorkshop( "" )

You use the ID of individual workshop content.

Okay, thanks