Fastdl Won't send clients .mdl's?

Going to try shortly summing this up.

I have a Fastdl server, I’m working slowly on adding content into what I’m working on. First is sweps I sifted out of a weapon pack.
I made a resource add including all the files I need to send clients for the guns.
I cleared out my folders, and tried joining to test the fastdl, sure enough, it downloads everything, I get in the server, and all the guns are Errors.
I went to my clientside downloads folder and checked, it downloaded every required file, even every model file, EXCEPT for the .mdl’s.

For some reason, it will not download the .mdl files for each gun. It even says it is on server join, just like all the other files, but it never actually sends.

I checked my Fastdl in the browser, and tried manually downloading the mdl’s, and it works. Downloads them as bz2’s like it should, etc.

Why will it not grab the mdl’s?

Falling down the list a bit.