Fastdl won't send clients models, but everything else works fine?

Setting up a server.
Fastdl sent me the materials and sounds, but it refuses to send me the models.
I checked my clientside downloads folder and it reflects what I just said. It skips the models.

Another thing to note is that it redownloads the model files quickly everytime I join the server, meaning it’s not actually sending/downloading right. I checked my resourceaddfile and my fastdl server, and the files are there, just like everything else. I even went to my fastdl in a browser and tried manually downloading the model files, and that all works fine.

Any ideas?

EDIT: So I had a friend join the dev server and it all worked for him. For some reason it won’t give me the models, I guess I’ll ignore it?

Show me your resource.lua file (or whatever you have named it) located at lua\autorun\server.

I figured out the problem after having a friend join and it all worked for him.
When I had spotty internet earlier yesterday, I joined the server, but failed joined midway through it. I checked my clientside model directory and it turns out the models for all the guns were in there, as unzipped bz2’s. So apparently Source never unzipped them for me, but at the same time told the game I already had the files, which is why it never bothered downloading them again.

Works now.

Ok great! Make sure you mark this post as “mark as solved”.