FastDL Won't Work?

Added Everything as it should be using resource.lua in lua/autorun/server. Even added the force download stuff inside each seperate lua file for autorun. When people join this install everything perfectly fine, then when they join, they see errors instead of the addon. Can anyone help please?

Example of my resource.lua:

Hay there soloisticorc2, What you need to do is go to your server.cfg file and change this…

sv_downloadurl "what ever your fast-dl is"
sv_allowdownload "0"
sv_allowupload "0"
net_maxfilesize "100"

This will forces the user to download from the fast-dl.

Now for the errors, You will need to make a file in “lua\autorun\server” and call it resource.lua

if (SERVER) then
--    resource.AddSingleFile( "place/player/something.vmt" )
--    resource.AddSingleFile( "morethings/player/common/something.vtf" )

All the models, sounds or what ever is giving you a error add to this file.

Feel free to add me on Skype if you need more help with this. “Skype Name Removed

Can’t get FastDL working with my addons. It worked for a player model, but for my TDM cars I put all of the model files for EACH vehicle, and all of the materials/sounds/scripts. Yet when people join after downloading all that, they see a big error. Any help?

Dont put TDM Cars in FastDL, it’s far too big, and people will be spending ages to connect. If they want tdm cars, tell them how to get it, but in fastdl, they will be waiting ages.