i was wondering, if i unpack all the workshop things, and put them in fastDL with a file that put every resource.AddFile , when we will join the server, it will be more faster? Or it will take exactly the same time?

Edit: I meant, the time after everything downloaded., the second time that the player join the server

Packing all your content into a Workshop addon will be a much faster download then downloading individual files from your FastDL server. And players should only download the workshop addon the first time they join.

Is there a problem with a certain addon downloading every time players join?

No there is absolutly no problem with that, i was just wondering if this method was faster to join or not

This is very debatable. The downsides to the workshop are that Steam throttles bandwidth, updating gmas is a pain in the ass, and every time they join the server they have to remount the addons which adds an extra 5 to 10 seconds which FastDL doesn’t have.

Both compress to about the same size though and WorkshopDL doesn’t need your own webserver, so pick your poison :stuck_out_tongue:

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If an addon is redownloading every time a player joins that is because the specified file is resource.AddFile-ed but not found on the FastDL server so the players have nothing to download and it errors.

Thanks for reply, but i’m not talking about that, let’s make an example

My server is only using FastDL, i join it for the first time, download everything, ok its done.
THen i want to join the server back, few days later or whatever, the time to join will be faster than a server with workshop?

Yes but not by much, only about 5 seconds. I just like it because its much simpler than creating the gma with gmad then uploading it with gmpublish. Thats annoying to do compared to drag and dropping it onto my ftp.

The reason why downloading a single workshop file of the content is faster, instead of many individual files is because of the overhead of negotiating the connection for each download. The connections are not persistent for FastDL transfers. The Workshop also benefits from Steam’s CDN to serve the files from a server closer to the user. And I believe the re-mounting issues were resolved quite a while ago with this update:


Yes there is a benefit of a CDN but I’m pretty sure it remounts every time you restart Gmod and reconnect.

He is right. For each file that gets downloaded via FastDL it opens new TCP connection which is quite slow in comparison to establishing one connection and downloading a single file. However WorkshopDL speeds can be total shit sometimes or in some places so it’s not always better than FastDL.

I honestly find that extracting all the addons and uploading them to your FTP will get you much faster download speeds, many clients also hang on things like “Getting info for addon…”, “Mounting Addons”, and “Workshop Complete”. With FTP it just downloads the files, hangs for a few seconds then its done. I really prefer it much more over Workshop.


Also the speed depends on how far the FTP server is from you and how fast the connection for that FTP server is. If you have a good host and they’re nearby, you could very well triple the download speeds.